Don’t panic, it’s only panic!


Imagine driving down the road one day with your window down. You’re enjoying a nice breeze and the radio is on. The songs aren’t your favorite but you like them because you know all of the words to almost all of them. Feeling happy and carefree.
Then it stops. Everything just stops.
All of the sudden you can’t breathe. You’re choking! Why are you choking? There is nothing to choke on! Maybe something else is happening. Maybe you’re having some kind of allergic reaction! To what, though? There’s nothing to be allergic to. Now your skin feels weird. One second you can’t feel anything, and then the next it almost feels like your skin is about to burn off. Something is wrong! Your heart! Your heart is beating so hard! It feels like it’s about to pound out of your chest. You have to find a way to pull over because you’re having a heart attack. Continue reading