How fat I am

Many people do not like to share this kind of information. I can’t blame them, really, with how judgemental the world is.

I’ve learned something very important in life – F**k what anyone else thinks. This is your life. Do you. Having said that I’m going to post my most up to date fatty-isms.

Some of this information isn’t current. I am due for a Doctors appointment and their scale is the only one that I like to use.

I started dieting (the low cab bit) when I was 347 lbs. The last I’d checked I’d lost 20 lbs of that. I’ve gone from wearing a size 28 in women’s to a size 26 and I can fit into some size 24.

I have no idea what my BMI is. In spite of my size my blood pressure, cholesterol, and A1c are currently all within normal ranges. I consider myself extremely lucky. And here’s a very fabulous “before” picture of me. I just took it. I put on makeup to do it. You can be big and sexy at the same time. It’s a thing.