If you’re experiencing the same troubles that I am you know what people I’m talking about. The ones who were born with an amazing metabolism; all they have to do to burn fat is to think about exercise. I’m not gonna lie! There used to be some jealousy, there. But I’ve decided I’m just going to play the cards I’ve been dealt. Because, even though I’m a fatty, I’m pretty bad ass. I can still almost do a complete karate kick. Just sayin’.

It’s never been easy for me to keep weight off, much less lose it. Proper diet and exercise just seems like a way to torture myself while I STILL steadily gain weight.

Being diagnosed with PCOS (Google will inform you about all that noise) a few years ago helped me understand my predicament; but having the knowledge doesn’t make my giant ass disappear.

I’d like to go on record as saying I have never believed myself to be ugly or unattractive. I do, however, have a family history which involves diabetes and heart disease. So in spite of being comfortable in my own skin, it seems one day my skin may not be so comfortable with me.

Image result for art attack ack ack
I went to the doctor who put me on Metformin (which, is the devil, but a necessary evil at this moment) and instructed me not to eat over 100 carbs a day. So I didn’t. I left the office and started my diet the very same day.
We are lead to believe that in order to be a healthy person with insulin resistance, we have to cut out many carbs and eat mostly meat, dairy, and veggies. All those are fine and great but, even though I lost 20 lbs, it wasn’t working for me in the long run.
I was always hungry, always craving something, and bitchy. No matter how much I ate I stayed hangry! Not to mention the gawd awful headaches that hit me like a truck on my 4th or 5th day of low carb-ing.
I refuse to believe that the only way for me to be healthy is for me to constantly be hungry. This is my food, activity, and weight loss/gain diary. Lets suffer together.


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